Foxwood Managment Consultants and Logistics Specialists have recently completed the following projects, representing the type of work we undertake for our Clients:













Woolworths Supermarkets is one of the two major retailers in Australia.


Foxwood's client - Viscount Pooling Services (VPS), has recently won a 10-year contract with Woolworths to supply and operate a plastic crate-pooling operation, comprising 4.2 million RFID-enabled folding crates and four fully-automated crate wash sites. 


The crates are issued to Suppliers, who use them to transport produce to Woolworths DC's and onwards to the Woolworths retail stores. Once the crates are emptied, they are returned to the crate wash deports for cleaning, ready for re-issue.  


Angus Wolfendale was contracted to assist VPS in establishing the Sales & Operational Planning function.  This entailed designing a SAP-integrated Crate Management Application that enabled the S&OP Team to view crate availability across all operations on a rolling three-week horizon. 


The application is updated from SAP so that it is continually aligned to the ERP processes.  It ensures that crate availability is maintained against fluctuating grower demand and highlights potential upcoming shortfalls, enabling corrective action (including inter-state transfers) to be actioned in time.  




Foxwood have developed proprietary internet-based software for the management of equipment as it moves between disparate locations, across multiple client operations.  The software, called "Kontrol (TM)", is available as Software As A Service (SaaS), on a pay-by-use basis.


Foxwood have contracted with a World-class freight and logistics client to provide "Kontrol"  that will enable the client to control the movement of its equipment, down to individual serial-numbered item.  Together with unique item traceability, the client required the system to monitor location balances and generate charges for equipment use.


Foxwood's "Kontrol (TM)" system was selected because it met all the Client's needs, both operationally and commercially, and especially as it is backed by Foxwood's industry expertise. 


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