With over 30-years' experience in logistics, Foxwood Management Consultants are well-suited to undertake supply-chain reviews on behalf of clients.  Reviews identify weaknesses and threats to supply-chain integrity, opportunities for efficicency improvements and areas for the application of technological innovation.


As an example, Foxwood Director - Angus Wolfendale - undertook a review of the European supply-chain of McDonald's Restuarants, identifying the total cost-to-serve from bakeries to retail outlet.  This review enabled McDonalds and the Bakeries to evaluate the supply-chain cost impact of different bakery tray designs.  




Data is the asset that many organisations fail to maintain or utilize to maximum benefit. Foxwood has database design, build and analytical expertise to collate multiple data sources into live interactive dashboards. Many organisations use SAP to manage their operations but require reporting in a format not readily obtained from SAP without considerable bespoking expense.

Our dashboard designs can  provide data manipulation,and report generation using live data from SAP.  This enables management to assimilate key data in a highly visual form, aiding timely decision-making. 

Automating repetitive tasks ensures that reporting is accurate and less time-consuming in preparation.   




Asset Management is the management of supply-chain equipment to ensure its availability and efficient utilisation.  


Foxwood Management Consultants and Logistics Specialists have considerable expertise in the design, implementation and operation of supply-chain equipment pools.


Utilising this experience, Foxwood have developed an Asset Management system, called "Kontrol (TM)", that is available to Clients as Software as a Service (SaaS) on a pay-by-use basis.


Foxwood can advise on the establishment of new equipment pools or on the optimisation of existing operations.


No organisation can survive in this highly competitive environment without timely and accurate financial information about its performance.  

Such information needs to identify the key drivers for the particular business, the performance of individual operating units and the contribution each makes to the overall business profitability.


Foxwood Management Consultants undertake the preparation of Management Accounts, Project Accounting and Financial Business Case Reviews in conjunction with your existing accounts team so that you are able to make strategic decisions that respond to internal and external changes, within a timeframe that ensures your competitive position and financial performance is sustained.

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